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Wednesday, September 18

If you follow me on Instagram @amandaklockrow you've probably already seen this picture and many more of everything I have been working on lately. However since I am so completely smitten with everything in this picture I thought it was worth sharing here on my blog as well.

My site also has a fantastic updated look to go along with all you see in this picture. There are still some changes being made to my new site over the next week, but if you get a chance pop over and let me know what you think about the design.

I am so thankful to my talented friends for all of their help pitching in to make this new branding design all possible!
Here's a quick rundown of their sites, in case you are curious.

*I  worked with three amazing photographers to get all of the beautiful images you see on my website.
Misha Ashton-Moore
Michael Kelley Photography
Porterness Photography

*The new site was made by WebLynx Design Studio.

*Lastly the graphic design work was all done by SheSheBeBe.

I would love to hear what you think of my redesign for Amanda K Lockrow.

Be bold. Live Beautifully.

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