Friday, May 22

A Maine girl at heart, ever since my childhood I’ve been drawn to the abundance of beauty of nature, and it’s served as the spark of creativity for much of my jewelry.

I took my first metal-smithing class at Syracuse University and instantly fell in love with the challenge. Within two semesters, I had vacated a spot in the Communications school and took up residence in the prestigious Visual & Performing Arts school. I simply couldn’t get enough; I had found my real passion--jewelry. My SU courses in fibers, sculpture, ceramics, glass, photography and painting fueled my passion for all things art, and I was truly happiest and most at home in the studio.

When I arrived in LA in 2005, I started out working in a fantastic art supply store then moved on to work in board shop where I started in sales but eventually worked as a merchandiser and buyer.  These positions taught me the value of excellent customer service along with other important retail tenets.  Eventually I landed in the fine jewelry world with a fantastic designer where I was hired to do wire wrapping work but then learned everything from production management, creating and launching new collections, trade show sales and more. I used this knowledge to launch Amanda K Lockrow Jewelry, and it blossomed from humble beginnings at weekend craft shows and flea markets, to an extensive collection that is sold across the country.

I believe my success thus far is due to my skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, choice in quality materials, and my creative vision. My childhood in the Northeast is something I always turn to for inspiration, and you’ll see bits of nature in nearly every piece I finish. I also look to pop culture and history to add unexpected hints of fun in my jewelry--like rings made from vintage buttons. Whatever I create, I never let it go without ensuring my craftsmanship is excellent. I also utilize recycled materials from all over Los Angeles and every piece is handmade in my studio there. 

Amanda K Lockrow Jewelry exists because of everyone who has supported me on this journey, and as thank you, my business will grow and give back to the community in ever evolving ways.
xoxo Amanda
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