Cuteness to keep me sane while taking care of business.

Wednesday, June 5

picture from awesomelycute

I've been working diligently on lots of the less glamorous tasks of running my business lately. Luckily, while I was updating my Pinterest jewelry boards I came across this image and others to distract me.

Some of the things I've been up to that keep me on the computer for hours and hours are sending out marketing materials to new and existing stores, updating my Etsy shop with a few new pieces, updating my site and finally applying for grants!

I'm hoping to get in some much needed time at the bench by the end of the week. But in the mean time I'm keeping myself sane and balanced by going to yoga and riding my bike at the beach. Of course if all else fails I can find a cute distraction like this online.

Have a lovely day!
xoxo Amanda
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