A fun little video of how I make a ring!

Tuesday, September 25

   I've been thinking about making short little videos to show my process to the world but I never got around to it until now! I love how this first video turned out and I can't wait to shoot more. 
   Last month I decided I wanted to enter the American Made Awards so I put together my entry with lots of help from my friends. I didn't make it into the finalists, but I can't wait to see who did win. The contest did help me take the time to spruce up my bio, get some amazing new photos of my work, and make my first video. I'm planning to enter more contests in the near future just to keep me on my toes! I have been so wrapped up in the production side of my jewelry collection that I haven't taken much time to experiment and really push my designs and skills to the next level. I'm sure lots of you fall in to this same pattern. I know in college I never had to think about pricing and marketability of my designs so the sky was the limits. I want to dive in again without limits and see what I come up with! I am also thinking about teaching some classes this winter, I am going to talk to a studio next week so wish me luck!
   Let me know what you think about my video or just what you have been working on lately I would love to see.

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