Process, Packaging, and Bikes

Thursday, March 10

I really am a completely inconsistent blogger. I take pictures and write down ideas of what I want to blog about, but they never actually make it on to my blog. I tend to think no one is reading it anyway, so it seems a bit self indulgent to me to write about myself. I am going to try to do it a little more anyway.

I think all the things that go on behind the scenes of the finished product are sometimes more interesting than the finished piece. Although the step that makes me excited the most often is setting the stone or button in to the finished piece. So I do get lots of joy from the finished piece too.

Jewelry ready to ship

One of the least exciting parts for me about running my own business is packing and shipping. I still want to come up with a way to ship jewelry without so many plastic bags involved. If you have any suggestions please share. I am the person who always says I don't need a bag to the checkout clerk, or brings my own. It is quite annoying that I cannot translate this into my shipping practices as well. On a side note my boyfriend actually made a joke about me being a hippie at the farmer's market last weekend when I pulled out my canvas bag. However, he quickly saw how useful it was.

Spitfire Girl jewelry in the works

Then on the other hand one of the exciting aspects of running my business is the collaboration projects that come to life. Spitfire Girl is a company run by the sassy and talented Kristin. They have their flagship store in Echo Park. This funky shop carries all of her cards, notebooks, toys, and more, along with lots of other fantastic finds that fit her style and vision. You can see more of the jewelry I make for her brand on the site. Collaborations like this are exciting to me because Kristin found my line on the Renegade Craft site. I went in to show her my line, which she also carries in her store; but it turned out she wanted a line created with the Spitfire artwork and so it began.

I have lots of grand plans for my little business, and I am going to start sharing with you more of the ups and downs that happen behind the scenes. I have some amusing failure stories that I think are definitely worth telling in the near future.

In unrelated news I found a used bike on craigslist that I am so excited about. I have already gone out on 2 rides since I got it this past weekend and I am totally loving it.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.
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