Happy Monday

Monday, March 21

Books help me relax. Image from Franklin Parish Library.

Snow and snowboarding makes me happy. Image from Mammoth Mountain

Panda's make me smile. Image from daily cuteness

There is a lot going on in the world around us right now that is far from happy. I am one of those people that takes the problems of the world very personally. I want to save the world, I have wanted to save the world since I was a little girl. Sometimes the problems in the world seem so daunting and insurmountable that I feel like nothing I do will ever make a difference. Since I am far from perfect, occasionally I try to turn off my emotional connection to the world and the people and animals in it. I have stopped watching the news at times, stopped reading it online, and stopped listening to NPR. This never lasts very long but it does happen.

So I have been trying to get a little perspective and I thought I would share three things that make me happy in my world today. In the meantime I am also taking small steps to do what I can to help. I think if everyone took small steps we could really see some major changes. The first step I took was going to a volunteer training with 826LA. I am beyond excited to work with this organization and as soon as I finish moving this week, I am going to start with the after school tutoring program in Venice. I am also transitioning back to being vegan. I have been vegetarian since I was a young teenager, and I was vegan in college. I read a post on One Green Planet recently and I decided I really can no longer justify eating cheese, eggs, or other dairy. I made these decisions before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, so the next thing I decided I could do was donate to the Red Cross.

I would love to know what things make you happy on this lovely Monday.

I would also love to know what you think you or others can do to make this world a little nicer.

There are so many small things we can do in our daily lives that may seem trivial but they really are so far from being trivial. We can all smile and say hi to our neighbors, do a favor for a friend, volunteer our time with a non-profit, spend time with our families, feed a stranger's expired parking meter, not honk or give the finger to strangers, be polite to anyone we interact with, just to name a few.

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely Monday.

"I Am" trailer by Tom Shadyac
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