What I'm Thankful For

Friday, November 26

Holly over on Decor8 blogged about gratitude over on her blog and encouraged her readers to blog about it, or make their own list. I have so much to be thankful for, so I thought I would join in since I just enjoyed my first Thanksgiving back in New England in over 5 years.

I agree with Holly that it's important to focus on all the the good things we have in our lives rather than the bad. I live far away from most of my family and that is hard sometimes, but it means when I do get to see them I am so grateful!

I am thankful for....
my amazing family, my fantastic friends, my health, my jewelry business, my apartment, snowboarding, sunshine, rain, snow, the beach, the mountains, airplane trips, vacations, crafty friends, artist friends, support, love, courage, determination, creativity, great restaurants, books, music, and really everyone and everything I have. I am thankful for my life, I am so lucky to be living my life the way that I do everyday.

So what are you thankful this for this year?

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