Happy Long Weekend!

Saturday, May 29

Liquid Courage Photograph by Myan Photography

What are you up to for the 3 day weekend? Since I live in sunny Los Angeles I will be enjoying some time outdoors at bbq's and the beach.

Next week I leave with work for the JCK Las Vegas show. I am going to try to do a follow up post about some of what I see there. I will be working at a booth in the Design Center for a new line launching at JCK called Meus Designs. The website isn't up just yet but I will share the link when it is. A few friends that will be at the JCK show are Sara Weinstock and Branch. During the week there are lots of other shows like ACRE and AGTA going on around Vegas. I am of course excited for the tools section of JCK and all the beautiful stones at AGTA.

Magnolia Diamond Cluster Earrings by Branch

Stacking Rings by Sara Weinstock

I will be driving back from Vegas before the show ends because I have the Patchwork Show in Santa Ana on June 6th, if you live anywhere close be sure to come out it's always a great show.So I will be doing some work too this weekend. I am gearing up for a busy next few months of shows.
By the way if you live anywhere near Morro Bay, California my jewelry is now available at Poppy a great shop there.

Happy Memorial Day I hope everyone gets some fun in!

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