Spring and Summer Shows Yippee!!

Wednesday, April 14

I got accepted to Unique LA and Renegade LA so I wanted to share the details with you the details! I will also being doing the California Gift Show again in the Beckman's West section. The Gift show is wholesale only but the Renegade and Unique are open to everyone so please come by and say hi.

I have a table in eco-friendly section. I will be surrounded by lots of talented artists and designers. My table is actually right next to Chocolate and Steel, she has some really great new work too. To give you a sampling of the talent check out these sites, misha ashton photography, steppie, myfriendroze, dust and co, oh hello friend, rebe, hi tree, janaration, combustion glassworks, rock scissor paper, dee and lala, tyler bender book co., delica, and so much more. You can also visit the Unique LA site for a whole list. This show is $10.00 at the door but part of the proceeds go to a local charity!

This event is free and will be held in the Cornfields in downtown LA. July 24th + 25th from 11-7pm. My birthday is Friday the 23rd so I am sure to have some extra special birthday deals. More info here. Like at Unique I will be surrounded by a ton of talent so save the date!

Hope to see you there. I have lots to get done before Unique LA next weekend, I even have a new display idea that I've been dreaming up to make my table a little more than a regular table.

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