Shopping List Saturday-Bright Colors

Saturday, June 27

I'm having a little bit of a lazy Saturday morning so I thought these bright colors might get me going a little quicker.
From top left to bottom right:
1. Cherry Red Messenger Bag from Fantella. This bag looks perfect for all of us who like to carry lots of things around with us, and it comes in lots of colors.
2. Happy Vegetable Reusable Bags from Wonder Thunder. Cute vegetable bags that come in a few colors too!
3. Long Textile Yellow Necklace Scarf from Bobnstitch. Love the color of this and think I would love to wear it with a plain t-shirt.
4. Red 8x10 print from Blissful Images. This shop has lots of simple beautiful images and this one made me happy.

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On a side note I saw the Proposal last night, if you feel like laughing and seeing a cute movie I highly recommend it.
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