Tennis, The Getty, Chairlift, Ninjas, Art: All in a Day

Sunday, June 21

I had a really great day yesterday. I took care of some business in the morning, restocked The Factory, opened a business checking account and made some bezels. Then met some neighborhood friends for a quick game of paddle tennis. These rackets have a rough service and I seem to scrape my knuckles and elbows.

image from Laguna Woods

See they are little courts. I am new to this version of tennis, but it is peaking my interest for sure. Besides, there are courts right down the street from my house.
Then I headed up to the Getty for Saturdays off the 405. I am so happy they switched this event to Saturdays, I could never make it on Fridays with the LA traffic. A Brooklyn based band, Chairlift put on a great show. Caroline has an amazing voice. It was a really great environment to be in. If you know the Getty Museum at all, the scenery, art, and architecture are fantastic. So when you add music, food, and cocktails it makes for a great evening out in Los Angeles. These events are free too, even the parking.

image from

After checking out a little bit of the art we headed downtown to Gallery 1018 for a skate shop art showcase. Another great event, art, music, drinks, tacos, and good people. I used to work for 9star a great board shop in West Los Angeles and Mission Viejo.

image from vapors magazine

I also booked my hotel for the SFIGF show in August, I'm excited for the trip up there. Now if only I could book a hotel for a real vacation, then everything would be perfect.
I forgot my camera so these images will have to do for now. Now I have to get back to my bench before heading out to catch a movie tonight. Days like yesterday really make me feel happy.
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