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Wednesday, December 31

Before heading out to ring in the New Year with some great friends, I was wandering through Decor8 which took me to Apartment Therapy which led me to the sfgirlbybay blog. She wrote a post called Glamour Do or Don't? and I love this quote, "Maybe just embrace our fancy side once in a while. Just for fun. And really, just for us."

I've been thinking about my goals for 2009 and while I have many business related ones for my jewelry line, things I want to learn, places I hope to go, and things I want to do more. I must admit that doing my hair more often and dressing up a little more is something I do hope to do.

I get so caught up in building my business, working full-time and the rest of my life, any beauty time gets cut. And my hair only gets cut when it can't wait any longer. My nails will still never be done, because let's face it metalsmithing and manicures will never go well together.

So Happy Happy New Year!! I hope 2009 is fabulous for everyone.

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