Something other than Jewelry!!

Thursday, November 8

So Mammoth opened today and a few of my friends made the trip up for the fun and a little but of snow! I went last year with my sister and did the crazy drive because I had to work but this year I am being spoiled and waiting till there is a little more snow. I am getting old and my ankle still does not fully love me so I want some snow to have fun in. But I can't wait my snowboards have just been staring at me and my winter gear keeps falling on my head in my closet. I love snowboarding as much as I love making jewelry. I have even made a belt buckle and charm featuring snowboarding. Anyway I wanted to write about something other than snowboarding and when I make my first trip of the season you will see more of my love. I may not look athletic but I love the snow. I am from Maine you know!

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