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Wednesday, November 14

So I will post some pics from my bench and such very soon, I'm just a little busy right now. But I wanted to say although Craft Republic in Pomona left something to be desired in my experience of craft shows I met some great people, had time to make a few pairs of earrings and came up with some fun display ideas.

I am also embracing more jute in my display, and coming up with good ways to display rings since I concentrate so much time and energy on my ring collections I need a good way to display them and I may have found one. So look for a more rustic display with woods and jute at my next show!!

Oh and so exciting I ordered some new items from Contenti last night I have been debating where to spend the makings from my jewelry lately, I have to restock silver, buttons, beads and more but I ordered a tiny tumbler and a 925 stamp along with more to make all my work jut that much better!!

Anyway I must get to my fulltime real life job so that I can return tonight to my bench to finish some more in progress rings and necklaces!!
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