Inspiration from the Contemporary Crafts Show this weekend.

Monday, November 3

I went to check out the Contemporary Crafts Market in Pasadena on Saturday and the first thing I noticed was that my friend and I were much younger than most of the other shoppers. It's definitely a completely different crowd than say Renegade Craft Fair, Unique LA or Patchwork!

I forgot to take any pictures while I was there but I saw a few of my favorite jewelry designers as well as found some new favorites. There was definitely an interesting mix of work there but I'm still not sold on whether it's the right show for my collection. Here are some pieces from a few of my favorites that I saw at the show. 

Pyrite Sun Medallion from Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry's Windlord Collection

Bamboo, Silver, & Gold Bracelet by Fred & Janice Tate Designs

Cuffs and Rings by Jivita Jewelry 
I'm personally wanting to add her Cactus Spike Necklace to my collection.

Oh Opal OAK Necklace by Sharon Kaplan Jewelry
I'll definitely be picking up some new earrings from her Enamel Collection.

I did also see some great ceramic, wood, glass, and fibers work at the show. But sadly I can't find their work online to share so maybe next time I'll remember to take some pictures to share.

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