Living in California

Tuesday, September 1

Why does anyone live in Southern California? I sometimes wonder this, mostly when I turn on the television and watch the news. We have wildfires, earthquakes, mudslides, poor air quality, high taxes, and a ridiculously high cost of living. I was calling to check on a shipment of some jeans I ordered a few weeks ago, and the customer service rep and I ended up in a conversation about what it costs to live out here. She lives in Florida on the beach in a brand new two bedroom condo, for less than my one bedroom apartment in an old building. She was telling me she was thinking about moving out here and was just curious what I paid for rent.

So why do I live out here still? Well I snapped this picture this weekend at a surf spot my friend's boyfriend took us to and I think it illustrates just a little of the pull California has on me. We had to sit in crazy weekend traffic on the PCH to get here, but once we did it was definitely worth it. See how empty the water is? It was so nice to not have to look out for 10 other people trying to get the same wave. Plus, since I am a beginner, it meant I actually got a few waves this way :)!

I know I will not stay in Southern California till I grow old; but for the years I will spend here, weekends like the past one really do balance out the bad, at least a little for me.

I really hope the firefighters get some relief in this crazy fight! They are predicting to be fighting it for the next 15 days. Thanks for listening to my little rant.

How do you stay positive when things around you get a little crazy?
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