It's All A Blur

Sunday, July 26

I have been neglecting my poor blog since before Renegade and the California Gift Show. It will most likely continue till after I return from the San Francisco Gift Show.

Renegade was so much fun, I wish I had been able to wander around and soak up all the creative talent that surrounded me. But I was quite busy in the booth I shared with Pink Candy Studio.  I was next to Tyler Bender Book Co. He makes totally awesome recycled notebooks, trust me you will want lots for yourself and your friends. My friend Christine of Chocolate and Steel was also in my row and I am going to have to get some new studs from her.

Etsy also sponsored a meet-up at the Hotel Figueroa, I went over there with a few of my CCCOE Street Team members and we got to talk to some Etsy sellers from across the country as well as Etsy Admin. Not to mention the hotel was beautiful and I had no idea it existed.

After Renegade I was frantically getting ready for my first ever wholesale show, I learned so much doing that show it was totally worth it. I got a lot of feedback, and also met some really talented people in who kept me company in the Made by Hand section.

You can see I added lighting and moved things around as the show went on. It was 4 days long so I had lots of time to work on my display. I will take everything I learned and put it to good use in a few weeks for the SFIGF. I stayed up all night before the show opened updating my line sheets. I ran around each day after the show closed trying to get lighting, display pieces, making jewelry, and more. I drank lots of coffee and tea, and I learned that they are serious about fireproofing in LA, and saw my table cloth go up in flames. My business cards arrived after the show closed. I ran out of them after Renegade, but luckily I had postcards to give out. I am working on a brochure and or course I still have more samples to make.

Thanks to everyone around me in the Made by Hand section for making my first wholesale show a great experience. Check out their work if you get a chance. Branch, Amery Carriere, Laura Morgan, DeLuce Design, Chocolate and Steel, Island Cowgirl, Fired Up Tiles, and Bullet Star Jewelry.

I also had my 27th birthday this past week, and I think this year is going to turn out to be a very memorable year.  I should be doing a huge shop update in August, so you can see what my hands have been up to for the past few months then.

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