Sometimes I Just Need to Clear My Head

Monday, May 4

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I know this is something everyone feels. But today I felt an overwhelming need to clear my head. So after I got home from work today, I got on my bike and took off to the beach. It was already dark outside when left, so I really do need to get some lights for my bike. (I did have lights on the bike that was stolen)

Once I pedaled the 6 miles to Venice, I was able to just sit in the sand, listen to the ocean and stare at the stars. I closed my eyes and played in the sand. The feeling of the sand in my hands really calmed me. When I was in high school I used to go to my beach in Maine and sit out on the rocks at night and just listen to the waves then I went off to college in a place without beach. Now that I live in California I really need to get to the beach more often.

I have a tattoo on my write wrist of mountain, ocean waves, and a sun. It is supposed to remind me that that is all I need wherever I go in my life. Somehow while setting out to achieve my goals and dreams I lost sight of some of the simplest things.

I barely made it out snowboarding this season. I was so wrapped up with shows, stores, and orders I kept putting off the trips. I rarely go to the beach and I live 6 miles from it. As of today I am taking a vacation from the news and spending that time outside instead.

This is a little more personal than my usual posts. But if you would like please tell me how you clear your head or take a little me time?
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