Nico Vega Surprised

Sunday, May 10

Last night I went out to Club Nokia with some friends to see The Ringers, Nico Vega and Shiny Toy Guns. Three out of four bands that made up this line up left me wanting more. Often at a shows I feel like I have to get through the opening acts to see the band I really want to see. So three out of four bands rocking is a rarity.

The Ringers opened so they only got to play a short set, but if you have the chance to check them out definitely do it, you won't be disappointed. Joe Hursley is the frontman and he pours everything he has into the perfomance.
The Ringers set the pace for what was to come later in the show with Nico Vega and Shiny Toy Guns. These bands all had amazing energy and really put on great performances.

Nico Vega stood out the most for me. I had heard of them before on Indie 103.1, but had not had a chance to see them live. When she started singing all I could hear around me was, who is the band, that girl's got chops, etc. Aja's voice and energy on stage is captivating. She too pours her soul into her music and it rains down on the audience. As soon as their set ended my friend and I just had to go get the cd. I don't buy a lot of cd's anymore. It's a little sad I know, I used to spend all my money on music when I was in high school, but now I download, unless I absolutely must have the cd with the lyrics, and art work. Nico Vega is a cd I had to have and it will be playing loud in my studio today as I work on some orders.

I don't get to go to as many shows now as I used to, but I am definitely glad I got to go to this one last night. Go see Nico Vega when they are near you. You can check out their site for more info.
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