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Sunday, May 17

Notice the little flowery badge that is new on the right hand side of my blog?

For about a month I have been part of the first Blogging Your Way class that Holly Becker of Decor8 fabulousness was teaching online. I fell a little behind on the homework assignments because I have been busy with online orders, new stores, and craft shows. But I have been jotting everything down in my trusty little notebook like a good student. I took lots of notes to look back on later, and I even tried to make a few improvements on my blog layout. We were broken up into smaller groups within the class to get feedback on our blogs and I got some really helpful feedback. My group was called the Busy Bloggers.

The class was really helpful to me because it gave me time to think about what I like to write about, what I want to share through this blog. I really enjoyed the class and took a lot away from it. I would recommend Holly's classes to anyone wanting a little inspiration and guidance in this vast blogging land. Hopefully you will enjoy the changes you see around here. I have lots of ideas stewing so stay tuned for what I write about in the coming months.

Anyway this class had over 200 people, so there were lots of great bloggers in the class. Some were established, some, were brand new, but they all have something to offer so I would like to share just a couple with you.

I realized while taking this class that most of the blogs I read regularly are about things I know nothing about. Design is one of those things. This blog is one I had not read before but really enjoy. I really enjoy Ana's House Tour features, but everything else is great too. She writes her blog from the Bay Area, California.

So Cute it Hurts is a blog from a bubbly, kind girl living in Indonesia names Jacqueline. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for more cute goodness.

Another design blog that I had not read before, and she writes her blog from Canada. Trina is an interior decorator and she features lots of great ideas and products. She doesn't have a set style she features and that works great for me. She also features local Candian designers and products and that's always good in my book.

I really like the colors and layout of her blog, and her posts show me something I haven't seen before. Wini is in Australia and shows the world her art and design interests on her blog.

La Pomme is a blog written from the south of France. The greeting on the blog says this, "I'm Apol Lejano-Massebieau, a writer, crafter, gardener, lover, and fighter, but not a candlestick-maker." I think this tells you why I enjoy this blog. But to see even more good stuff stop by her two Etsy Shops here and here.

Hope you had fun visiting these blogs from around the world. I am sure I will be featuring more of the talent I found through this class. So inspiring.

By the way I am writing this post after spending the day at the Patchwork show, so if it's a little funny sounding I apologize. Sleep deprivation is setting in quickly.
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