Friday Favorites Feature!

Saturday, March 21

So I know it's Saturday but anyway here are few of my favorites from the week.

Top Left to Bottom Right: 1. Birdhouse Custom Fabric by TroisMietta 2. Love it Until it Hurts by SomethingsHidinginHere 3. Blue Heart Panda by ParamiPanda 4. Fly Fly Away Print by JessGonacha

My pics this week were all inspired by Etsy's There's No Place Like Here feature of Something's Hiding in Here's amazing loft in Philadelphia. These items are all things I would like to have around my apartment to add to collections I have and wall space I still haven't been able to get quite right.

I managed to create some layered curtains this week after a few setbacks, I am happy to report they are up! I had a minor setback with some decals I ordered. I realized the walls of my rented apartment are bumpy, so my grand plan of having chalkboard circle decals in my studio failed miserably.

I am going to try to get some pictures of the progress taken soon!
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