Eco-Friendly Metalsmithing.

Sunday, March 1

New Wise Old Owl Necklace

I recently found out that I am going to be featured in an article about eco-friendly jewelry. This made me stop to think because I make choices about materials and other supplies, but don't really educate my customer about them.

I simply buy from the most eco-friendly refiner and manufacturer of metals out there. This means all of my raw materials are made from recycled metals. You can visit Hoover and Strong's site for more information. I also save all my scrap and send it back to them.
I sometimes mention this in descriptions, but realized I should make it more obvious. So I added more info to my shop today.

I make choices of where I buy my packaging materials and promotional materials too. A great green printer I use is GreenerPrinter.

I also have to use chemicals in my studio. Here are a few pickles you can use that are biodegradable and better for you, Black Magic Pickle and Citric Pickle.

I use biodegradable flux too.

Another metalsmith that does all of this and more is Figs and Ginger. I love their forest inspired jewelry. And their green values page inspired me to let my customers know about the choices I too make in my studio.
Fawn in the Forest Necklace by Figs and Ginger

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