Friday Favorites Feature!

Friday, February 27

So this week I've been busy finishing up my taxes, restocking a few stores, applying to spring shows, and making some new work. I hope to take pictures tomorrow! I'm having a little crafty get together at my place tomorrow and am hoping to get lots done.

But I still always find the time to wander around on Etsy and find wonderful items to inspire me.

Winter Birch Trees by MarkJamesDesign
I am so indecisive about decorating but this caught my attention. It comes in a variety of colors. But this combo always catches my attention.

Feminine Round Lampshade by Yoola.
These caught my attention because I love seeing textile techniques in a fresh way. I can also appreciate the time she spends on these because I make necklaces using the same technique.

Small Circles Table by michaelarras
He was a featured seller on Etsy this week and I had seen his work a while back, but I got a reminder of how much I love his tables. I would love to have a coffee table like this.

I had lots of other favorites this week. These are just a few, but I'm hoping to set aside some of my tax return for a some of my Etsy favorites. The only hard part will be deciding.

Show me your favorites from the week!
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