Friday Favorites Feature!

Friday, January 16

So I am back from my vacation in Florida and am catching up after the holiday craziness.

Here are some favorites from Etsy this week. I picked my favorites from Los Angeles based shops this week just for the fun of it.

Pearls of Joy Hair Accessory by Mikiye Creations
This hair accessory is made for weddings but I think it would be so fun to dress up and put this in your hair. Check out her Los Angeles based shop for "elegant bridal hair accessories" and more.

Bunny Love Greeting Card from Dirty Pretty Things by RavenX
I thought I would feature another Valentines themed card. You can of course give a card like this any time of the year. This shop is Los Angeles based too and she has all sorts of wonderfulness in her shop on Etsy.

Check out this Little Black Camera Soap by Lave Me Soap Co.
This is so cool for any photographer in your life! She added lots of new soaps recently, and another favorite of mine is in the shape of an owl.

That's it for this week. Hopefully I will get some pictures of new work up this week too.
I am hoping to start up a from the bench feature soon too so stay tuned!

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