Friday Favorites Feature

Friday, January 9

I've been at my mom's in Florida for the past week so I haven't been on Etsy much at all but I think I can find a few things to feature this week.

I spotted this shop on the front page of Etsy and had to check it out.

I just love this Constellation Wingback chair made by Spruce Home

They find and redesign vintage and antique furniture and there are lots of great pieces.

I spotted this card using the Shop Local tool on Etsy.
If you are looking for a Valentine's Day card with some character look no further than Etsy.
I picked out this one by The Frantic Meerkat but there are lots of great card on Etsy.

Big Eyes - Be Mine Card

I saw Hi Tree at the Unique LA show and I think her tote bags are super cute.

This is the Giant Sequoia Tote
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