Busy Bee

Sunday, December 2

So this week I caught a cold no fun being stuck in bed! But now I am back at the bench and I made this new resin ring that I am just loving. Daphne was in town from NYC so I had a very busy weekend for being sick show at the Roxy, art show, and fashion show. I had my busiest week on etsy yet, and lots of holiday orders rolling in. More retail locations are in the works for the next few months so I am going to be glued to my bench when I am not working downtown.

I got to check out two bead stores near my house that I never got a chance to check out and got lots of fun charms and some beads to make rings with.

I was supposed to go snowboarding today but decided that I should let myself get better first. So next weekend I will take a break from the bench and go to Mountain High for some fun in the snow.

I also finally got to meet up with my friend Jackie this morning for a breakfast at Bloom on Pico, where I had a great breakfast.
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