Rekindled My Romance with Casting

Tuesday, November 27

So casting was one of my favorite things to do in college and I cast everything I could get my greedy hands on. I miss getting to do everything by myself, from making the piece, sprueing it, investing it, the burnout, the casting and the cleanup. Unfortunately I can't have a foundry in my apartment so I have to hand the casting over to others. So I get lots of funny looks and have decided that vulcanized molds just aren't for me. I like to use toys, potpourri, buttons, and more in my designs so I wanted to find a cheaper option than silicon molds made by someone else. So anyway I am using instamold and model magic. I melt the wax on a hot plate, clean up the wax and send it off to the caster. Every time I bring the wax the nice secretary asks me you want it cast like this and I reply yes, because apparently they are used to casting the beautifully boring engagement ring settings and don't love my rustic flare. Anyway look for new designs up soon, doves, bees, cameras, tires, and buddhas in necklaces and rings!
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