Handmade for the Holidays Fair

Sunday, November 25

So Friday and Saturday I was at Handmade for the Holidays at Fairfax High for some more fair fun. This was my first time with a tent not just tables so I brought some paintings along as well. I didn't have quite enough fabric but each time I will be better. Thanks to everyone who came out to the fair. I don't have another one till December 15th and 16th in Oakland, CA at the Crucible. So I will be busy making lots of new necklaces because they were the most popular in my booth!

Anyway I saw a few of my favorites from other shows and met lots of new wonderful people. Michelle Caplan and Hannahmade were there with lots of beautiful gifts, I never made it back to get the art I wanted and I still want a Hannahmade chakra necklace. Rebe and RandomNicole were there. I am wearing my purchase from Rebe so comfortable. Bug House and Lost Goat were my neighbors and they both had wonderful art! Bughouse has a showroom in Eagle Rock that you should definitely check out! And if you want Photograhpy with amazingly beautiful details check out Serendipity Images, I am getting some prints for my family for the Holidays. Two Hand Designs was there with TiasTreasures. I bought a beautiful notebook from Two Hand, and Tia makes really fun jewelry. There were so many wonderful people there I could go on forever but it will get very boring and I have to get to making some ring orders I have!! Back to the bench, thanks again everyone!
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