A visit to the brand new Todd Reed Studio in Venice!

Sunday, September 28

1. Todd Reed storefront in Venice 2. me in front of the Living Wall 3. wood sculpture by Michael Bauermeister
 4. large felt rocks

I was so thrilled to take a tour on Friday of the beautiful new space that Todd Reed Jewelry has turned in to his new Venice home. I've been following along on Instagram and the Todd Reed blog, watching this space come to life. So when some of his Boulder team came to town and offered to give me a tour I of course jumped at the chance. I have been a huge fan of everything Todd Reed for years now, so I am so happy they chose Abbot Kinney as the location for the showroom and studio.

1. first floor of showroom 2. second floor of showroom 3. watching a jeweler set a ring 4. detail of hidden Buddha pendant  5. the furniture choices were all beautiful too

Everyone in the showroom was so friendly and welcoming. It was so much fun trying on some of the jewelry and wandering through the three story space. This was the first time I tried on any of his jewelry and got to see the craftsmanship, beauty, and attention to detail up close. They will actually be making the men's line right here in the studio. While I was there one of the jeweler's was working on a men's ring with beautiful raw diamonds. So you know the metalsmith and tool geek inside me was happy to get a peek at the process.

1. Palladium & Raw Diamond ring 2. Raw Diamond & Gold almost 13 carat ring 3. wire mesh 
art and custom ring case 4. view of Abbot Kinney from above

The new studio has multiple balconies, fantastic art, and a giant living wall made by GSky Plant Systems which is home to 1,400 plants. If you are visiting LA or live here you should definitely stop in and say hello to the staff at 15ll Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice.

Thanks so much to Liz for giving me the tour, it was so nice to meet you in person, off of Instagram.

Be bold. Live Beautifully.

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