Quick Peak

Monday, October 5

I made two styles of zodiac necklaces from vintage pieces and wanted to share a picture of the first style.
Of course since they are vintage I can't track down every sign in the style I like. There were lots of complete series in large oval sizes, but they just did not cut it for me.
So between the two styles I have every sign and that works for me. A few of the styles are already listed in my shop.

I can't believe it's already October. I've been busy making new jewelry for shows starting this month, applying to holiday shows, stocking up stores for the holidays, and trying to get my online shop ready for the holidays too. I have no idea where the summer went honestly, but I am looking forward to winter, because that means snowboarding for me! I miss seeing the snowfall out my window. But one great thing about LA is I can drive to the snow and not have to shovel or scrape to get out in the morning.
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