A Much Needed Day at the Beach

Sunday, August 23

I woke up this morning to a text from my friend Tasha to come meet her and her boyfriend's family at the beach and to bring my board. So I woke up, a little out of it, grabbed some yogurt and headed out the door with some towels, wax, rashguard and my board. I thought I would stop and grab some food for lunch and some water along the way, but I became caught up in the beautiful drive. I drove along the PCH to meet her in Topanga and couldn't believe I was not sitting in traffic. The one thing I always wish would go away in LA is the traffic. I think I haven't seen Tasha since before Christmas because our lives have just been too busy. Well that was a terrible excuse for not seeing my friend and while we hung out today we made plans to see each other soon.

It was really nice to just be out on the beach not checking the clock to leave and rush off somewhere. We swam around in the water, laid out and talked, then we grabbed our boards and headed out into the waves. Luckily they are all better and are a great help. I haven't been on my board all summer and so I will be sore from all the paddling but it was so worth it. Being at the beach today made me remember the beach days in Biddeford Pool. I spent so many summer days there without a care or worry in the world and it was nice to feel that again.

I got my car washed and vacuumed yesterday and of course I promptly filled it with sand today :).

So here is a little collage to celebrate my beach day, I pulled all the images from Etsy.

1. Boardwalk to Peace 2. Ocean's Castoffs
3. Retro Beach Bicycle (first seen a while back on Decor8) 4. Oh Snap

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I am enjoying mine.

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