Oops I fell off the planet again...

Friday, June 5

I've been out of town for a week at the JCK Las Vegas show. It was quite a trip this time. We stayed in a house that had a pool and pool table. The sad thing was by the time we got home every night we didn't get the chance to enjoy it. We also left so early every morning that there was no time then either.

I am going to be uber busy with work these coming months. So if I neglect my blog I apologize in advance.
I brought my camera so I could show some of the new tools we ordered, some of the stones at AGTA, and a glimpse of the amazing jewelry. But alas I fell short, and no pictured were taken.

So I went and got a massage yesterday and am spending the next few days reviving myself, and of course making a little jewelry. I had a few orders while I was out of town.

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