Getting ready for JCK

Saturday, May 23

By day I work for a designer, and we are all on our way to Vegas next week for the annual JCK show. It has been a hectic past few weeks. But the new collection is amazing and I really hope it is well received by buyers at the show.

I have been busy with my line too. My jewelry is on it's way to a few new stores and I have two wholesale shows this summer to get ready for.

Cute new shoes and I liked the shadows in this pic.

Today was all about shopping for some clothes for the show. I am a pretty casual dresser. My boss makes fun of my from time to time about this. Every year before JCK I try to find some nicer digs to sport at the show. I have been hitting up shops after work this week, buying things, returning things, and just running around.

I did find some cute shoes today. There was a Kitson clearance sale on the Third Street Promenade and I scored two super cute pairs of shoes. I also hit up an American Apparel rummage sale and got a few great pieces that will get lots of use. I went to Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Urban Outfitters, H & M, Forever 21, Anthropologie, and the list goes on. A bit ridiculous if you ask me. But I was looking for certain things and they were a bit elusive.
This is why I shop rarely, it is too tiring for me. Maybe if I shopped more often it would actually be less tiring right?

I didn't even find the black shoes I was looking for after all that :(.

But I did find this cute USB pirate guy, and my rice seasoning. Notice there are three jars in this picture. Wholefoods and the Asian market by my house stopped carrying the vegetarian version so I stopped for some Boba and stocked up.

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