Out with the Old in with the New.

Saturday, January 31

So I am now the proud owner of a jeweler's bench. It's the cheap kind but it's real and all mine!
Here are some pics of the process. It was done late Friday night so I decided not to take too many grainy pics to share.

I still have to drill in my flex shaft stand, so for now my flex shaft is on the floor. But after a trip to refill some local stores, it will be installed because I have a lot of work to do this weekend.

These are the pieces, I carried this up my steep flight of stairs by myself. I felt like superwoman last night. Lu is in Mexico visiting family so I had no man power to assist me.

Old Ikea desk that I used as a bench for 3 years! Good times, you can see I am not the neatest metalsmith around.

New set up!!! I still can't decide what to put above my bench. Either peg board or art work....

Flex shaft still on the ground but not for long.
And yes I work on carpet because I live in an apartment in LA.
But I put this rug down to protect the real carpet.
Sometime I will get a mat.
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