Silverlake Art Craft and Vintage Fun!

Sunday, November 30

I went with some friends to do some holiday shopping and found lots of great things! They do this event every weekend so you still have time to check it out. Look here for more info.

I got this print for my nephews.

I got this for someone....not sure who yet

I got some really great bath and body products from Ritual Bath, some prints from Designs by Steppie, and my favorite, letterpressed cards by Dee & Lala. There are so many I wanted. I got thankyou cards and holiday cards this time.

Snow Fawn Card

Peace Doves Card

Peace Tree Card

Hamsters Card

Can you see why I am in love? They will be at Unique LA too.

Some other great vendors there were HannahMade, MyfriendRoze, and MiriamDema.
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