I just love this stone and more...

Wednesday, October 22

I got these little onion tourmalated quartz drops at the last gem show I went to and I just love them. Such a simple earrings but it's a hit at the craft shows.

I have lots coming up so if you live in California be sure to come by and say hi to me.I also finished this necklaces. I have had the coral beads since college and had no idea what to do with them. All the new necklaces I've been working on lately have handmade clasps too!
More necklaces using my last bead haul. This one has black spinel and these great grey mother of pearl coin beads. I might keep this one for myself.

I am trying hard not to neglect my blog but it's going to be a busy craft show season.

I am excited I just got a basket and lights for my bike so I am exploring LA outside of my car!
I'll post a picture as soon as I get a chance. I still have to make a few adjustments, it was rubbing my wheel a little this morning on the way home from pilates.
It's a different city when you aren't sitting in traffic for hours of every day....
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