New VOTE Pendant

Monday, September 1

Ok so I will lay off the politics on my blog for a little while. There is just so much to think about right now.

So I made a new pendant. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just want some of the apathy to end. I know we are all very busy and trying to change the world and make a difference takes a back seat.

I know taking the time to see what's going on in the world around us is a challenge when we can't fathom how we will fill up our gas tanks to get to work. We aren't sure if the power bill will be paid, or if their will be money to eat. All these things are more important in our every day lives. But the people making the decisions that can change this situation need to know we exist. They need to know we won't be silenced forever. They can try to keep us down but the people of this country need to raise their voices.
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