Handmade Brigade Yesterday at Tallmouse Crafts.

Sunday, July 13

I ventured over to the Cerritos Tallmouse Crafts store yesterday for the Handmade Brigade show. There were lots of great vendors there and I so wish we had a Tallmouse Crafts in LA. There were about 20 vendors and I got a few souvenirs from some fellow vendors. I tried out a new display and forgot to take pictures. I finished a lot of new designs in rings for the show which will be up in my Etsy and on Flickr soon.

Anyway, I got this penguin plushy from a sewing sister duo called Lil Sprinkles. I think I am going to name him Mumble because he looks ready to dance. He even matched my display :).They were next to me so I got to talk with them and this was their first craft show but their dolls were a hit. They do lots of custom work so if you need a doll for a little girl or boy you know or for yourself wander over to their Etsy shop.

I also got two screenprints from MiriamDema. My pictures don't do the work justice because until I move I am keeping them in their plastic sleeves. Then they are being framed and going up in my new apartment. One of the prints is brand new and fabulous. The other is Deer Bunnies and is available in her Etsy shop.

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