Great Letterpress Cards, Paintings, and More...

Saturday, May 10

I went to drop off more jewelry at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana and found these fantastic letterpress cards. They are made by two sisters here in California and I am so in love. You can visit their site on Etsy, they also have a list of stores on their site. The company is called Fourteen Sisters and they print on recycled paper too.

I love Grand Central because I get to give them my handmade displays. Here is a picture of what my jewelry looks like there. While I was there I checked out the Andy Warhol polaroids.

But one artist there who is apparently also a local really caught my eye. Matthew Price is an oil painter check out his site for more info I also bought a book called The Saddest Place on Earth of paintings by Camille Rose Garcia. I bought it at the gallery but you can buy it on Amazon.

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