Time to Clean

Saturday, December 15

So I managed to get all my custom holiday orders out and got my first shipment out to VIX Emporium in Philly a great new store that opened up! So now I have to clean up the tornado that has taken over my room.
You can see the mess of my bench that I am trying to make all those items into rings. I had to actually take out the bottom shelf because I am an old lady and my back has been hurting from bending over my bench pin sawing circles.
You can see my new mini tumbler that makes everything shiny and clean and then I satin is or brush it to make it dull again. Notice the medicine next too, trying to fight off this cold that would not go away.
Now I am wishing for a circle cutter tool in the new year along with a dapping set so I can make even more rings!!!
Also check out the new CCCOE blog. I am working on it with another wonderful Etsy artist Corline of mommy and me.
That's it I'm off to clean before I go out for tonight!
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