Murakami and Little Tokyo

Saturday, December 29

So I decided to wander down to MOCA to check out the Murakami exhibit and he really has perfected creating art as well as saturating the pop culture market. He is doing everything, work on canvas, amazing sculptures, animation, videos with Kanye West, collaboration with Marc Jacobs canvases and bags, t-shirts, books, mugs, key chains, buttons, and toys.

I bought a book on Murakami on my first visit to LA at an art book store and just fell in love with the bright colors mixed with some more evil undertones. I was tempted by some of the toys and books in the store but decided to wander across the street to Little Tokyo to buy some snacks, my favorite rice seasoning, and some little things that will later become jewelry.

Anyway it was nice to wander around by myself for a change with no agenda but now I must do some work!
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